Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.


For the longest time I allowed myself to believe that making money would automatically equate to me being a success. The pursuit of money or success clouds our judgment and skews our priorities.. However this is only if you allow it.. I read something one day and it literally changed my whole outlook on life, PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THINGS. I challenge each of you to try to live by that edict for one day, I assure you it will change you as well. We all have a great friend in our life, tell them you appreciate them.

A little backstory about this site, this website is the product of my best friend Ryan. I saw this quote and I instantly thought of our friendship. For those of you who know me or don’t know me, I have not always been the easiest person to be friends with. I have been: selfish, self centered, and I’ll kindly say I’ve taken sabitacls from my friendships. Ryan on the other hand, well he is the kind of friend that everyone only hopes they can have. Inspite of all my shortcomings as a friend, whenever I needed him he has always been there for me, whenever I asked him to do something, even if he didn’t believe in what I was asking, he still did it for me. So Ryan, thank you for always being the friend to me that I wish I could have been to you, although we might not see each other as often as we would like, when we do it’s like no time has passed. I look forward to this venture, and thank you for allowing me to enjoy in this experience with you. runs on the Genesis Framework

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