“Hope Never abandons you; you abandon it”

“Hope Never abandons you; you abandon it”

George Weinberg

Some of the most powerful drivers of our happiness are not tangible, and we incorrectly believe that happiness and success are synonymous.  These two can coexist however only if you are happy for when you are happy you define what your success is.  If you focus only on being successful, the drivers or measures tend to be heavily focused on material possessions or perceived status.


Hope is the breading ground of happiness, without hope our dreams die, or desire to better ourselves is lost.  We can offer two things in life, hope and truth.  The truth is cruel but necessary, in life things will seldom turn out the way you hope. You will do everything right, and still not achieve your desired results. Bad things happen to good people, you will love with your whole heart and have your heart crushed. Hope gets us out of bed in the morning, hope allows us to open our hearts again, a positive belief that good things will come is paramount to our happiness.


Have a great Wednesday and remember the sun will come out tomorrow, it always does.

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